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Ashley Lopez performing @ TribalFestBucharest (by Andreea B)

I am completely in love with this performance by Ashley Lopez!! Argentine Tango and Belly dance were my first two major dance obsessions, so I’m especially fond of tango music. Her musicality and stage presence in the first song were amazing! I love her more and more each time I see her perform! :)

I also have to add that the way she introduced the veil was fabulous!


Ashley Lopez in motion at Cues & Tattoos 2014.

Ashley Lopez in motion at Cues & Tattoos 2014.

Audre Hill bein’ pretty.

Weekly Challenge for 4-14-14


Weekly Challenge for 4-14-14

Photo courtesy of The Dancer's Eye

It’s another Monday, time for a weekly belly dance challenge! Are you ready?

Making Choreographies

*GASP* some of you may say! “I don’t know how to choreograph!” And that’s okay. Making choreographies is a skill, just like learning how to shimmy. It’s something that needs to be practiced, just like hip drops. Sure, there will be gifted choreographers, just like there are gifted dancers, but they…

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Jill Parker, the mother of tribal fusion, sums up everything I love about bellydance in this performance. I saw the choreography performed with her Foxglove Sweethearts in the Netherlands back in 2009, and the joy and strength expressed by the dancers was so palpable that I was on the verge of tears. I still don’t know what the music is, frustratingly.

Could not look away.

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